Tales From The Earth Angel Feather Necklace
Tales from the Earth

Tales From The Earth Angel Feather Necklace

This sterling silver necklace features an engraved Angel Feather on a sterling silver disc pendant. The Angel Feather pendant represents your guardian angel, who accompanies you on every step of your journey, a delicate reminder that you are never alone. This necklace is made by Tales From The Earth.

Silver chain measures approx. 18 inches.

Pendant diameter measures approx. 11mm.

Product code: TFN38


Tales From The Earth produce beautiful handmade sterling silver jewellery and keepsakes that embody the belief that small things can carry big meanings and a story can stir the soul. Each piece carries its own message and story, perfect for giving meaningful gifts to loved ones. Their designs are inspired by travel and adventure and are perfect for marking life's milestones. Each piece of Tales From the Earth jewellery comes with its own meaningful message card. Popular pieces include the 'Tree of Life' earrings and the elegant 'Circle of Life' necklace.

Each piece of Tales From The Earth jewellery is accompanied by its own  meaningful message card.