SVP Jewellery 'Disco Inferno' Ring
SVP Jewellery

SVP Jewellery 'Disco Inferno' Ring

18ct gold vermeil on sterling silver adjustable band ring with an oval face set with a diamond shaped labradorite stone, a round emerald quartz and a small pink quartz gemstone. This unique and stunning ring is designed by SVP Jewellery.

Gemstone meanings: Labradorite acts as a companion for new adventures. Emerald Quartz restores the rhythm of life. Pink Quartz is for love, passion and vitality.

This ring is fully adjustable to fit any finger. 

Oval face measures approx. 16 x 10.5mm.

Labradorite diameter measures approx. 7mm. Emerald quartz diameter measures approx. 3mm. Pink quartz diameter measures approx. 1mm.

Product code: SVR93

SVP Jewellery is designed to be worn in multiple ways and challenge the concept of how we wear jewellery. Their rings are handcrafted in India from sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil and showcase the most beautiful semi-precious gemstones. Each ring is fully adjustable ensuring your jewellery is as versatile as you are. SVP Jewellery is on a mission to change the gemstone industry and ensure traceability at all stages. Ensuring ethical and stunning designs.